Dialoguing with communities

ExxonMobil’s communication’s channel for communities close to its operations.

Exploration actions in the Sergipe-Alagoas blocks may generate some type of change in the socioeconomic activities of the areas close to the operations, such as, for example, artisanal fishing and local tourism. For this reason, ExxonMobil develops projects defined by IBAMA, to maintain continuous contact with communities in the area of influence of well drilling, so that expectations of those involved can be aligned.

Dialogue channels will be maintained with society, such as fishermen, community leaders and civil society representatives present in the area of influence of our drilling activities.

These actions are described in the Social Communication Project (PCS) which seeks to connect the community with the company, creating a bridge for dialogue. The project was based on IBAMA guidelines.

Public Hearings

ExxonMobil's channels of dialogue with the public.

In addition to the Social Communication Project (PCS) planned for the drilling phase, in the current environmental licensing phase, ExxonMobil has a team working to carry out Public Hearings for this exploratory drilling activity.

In dialogue with the Coordination of Environmental Licensing for Oil and Gas Exploration - COEXP / CGMAC / DILIC / IBAMA, the best meeting formats are being discussed with special attention to the current pandemic situation.

When we have approval for the Public Hearing, we will send an appropriate communication to all social groups defined in the Environmental Licensing process, in accordance with the decisions of the licensing body.

For more information on Public Hearings related to the exploratory drilling activity for the Sergipe-Alagoas blocks, click here.

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