Dialogue with the community

ExxonMobil's channels for dialogue with the public

The Social Communication Project (PCS) was created to establish direct channels for dialogue between the public and ExxonMobil. The goal is for us to be able to easily communicate information about our operations.

The project provides information about the activities, environmental licenses, impacts and environmental projects. In this way, we can assist, reduce and align the expectations of the communities surrounding our operations.

Credit: Naetê Reis

If you have questions, please e-mail us at blocos@exxonmobil.com or call us at 0800 021 5405.

Dialoguing with communities

ExxonMobil’s communication’s channel for communities close to its operations.

The exploration activities of the Opal and Tita blocks may cause some impact on the socioeconomic activities of areas close to its operations, as in artisanal fishing activities. For this reason, ExxonMobil develops projects, as required by IBAMA, to maintain constant contact with communities in the areas of influence of the drilling of wells.

Additionally, the strategy for our relationship with the community includes monitoring of the security area around the operating drillship.

These actions are described in the Social Communication Project (PCS) that seeks to connect the community with the company, creating a bridge for dialogue. The project was based on IBAMA's guidelines. To learn more about the PCS, click here.

Credit: MAREM, 2016